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How Do I Complete an ATF Form 4 Application?

Our customers frequently ask about the documents that need to be sent to the ATF to form a complete ATF Form 4 application, which is used to transfer an already-manufactured NFA firearm to their gun trust. This situation commonly arises when customers buy silencers and short-barreled rifles from a Class 3 dealer. In this case, the transfer is… Continue Reading

How Do I Amend My Existing Gun Trust that I Bought Somewhere Else?

Many of our new customers contact us, because they already have a gun trust prepared by another gun trust provider, such as a Class 3 dealer or a silencer manufacturer. However, they need to make changes to their existing gun trust, such as removing co-trustees or changing beneficiaries. Additionally, many of our new customers realize how badly their… Continue Reading

Who is a “Responsible Person” in a Gun Trust?

When law-abiding gun owners file new ATF applications on or after July 13, 2016, all “responsible persons” associated with a gun trust will be required to submit fingerprints and photographs, as well as notify the chief law enforcement officer in their jurisdiction that the gun trust is purchasing or manufacturing an NFA firearm. Since the… Continue Reading

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