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We work hard to provide our gun trust customers with a great "do-it-yourself" state-specific gun trust. But don't just take our word for it. See what other Gun Trust Guru customers are saying!


Colorado Springs, Colorado

“The Gun Trust Guru provides an excellent, and incredibly fast service for establishing a gun trust. Once you submit payment, you’ll have your documents immediately with concise, easy to follow instructions for Form 1 and Form 4 ATF docs. Their customer service is very responsive and friendly. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a gun trust.”  (10/18/2017)


Ashburn, Virginia

“Purchased my gun trust quickly and simply today with Gun Trust Guru. This IS the product and service you want. There are many gun trusts on the Internet, but they are not created equally. Received a follow up call to my question which went above and beyond what I paid for. Two thumbs up.”  (10/12/2017)


LaFayette, Alabama

“Thank you Jim. GunTrustGuru was by far the best option I found. I just wished I had found it sooner. I had purchased another popular and often recommended gun trust only to discover half-way through the forms that it just didn’t offer the flexibility I needed to properly set up the gun trust. I cancelled it, did more research, and then discovered GunTrustGuru. Your personal calls in response to my questions were professional, unexpected, and exactly what I needed. Your website was more informative as well, and once I understood the product, it took me all of 3 minutes to complete and set up the gun trust the way I wanted it – the whole process was simple as dirt but way more effective. A few seconds later, the gun trust was sitting in my inbox. I think it highly unlikely that you’ll find a better or more credible online gun trust product, nor one as easy to set up & maintain, nor one with better service.  Thanks again, and I highly recommend it.”  (10/06/2017)


Herriman, Utah

“A+ on all fronts from Gun Trust Guru. Once you understand the details of the variations in gun trusts, you can appreciate how this particular one is compiled. It is very simple to setup, but Jim is available for any assistance needed. He helped me clarify several important questions I had that made big differences in the setup. I can rest assured knowing that it is done properly. Great service, and great expertise!”  (10/06/2017)

J.K. (U.S. Air Force)

San Antonio, Texas

“This is the only place to get your gun trust done! After reviewing my receipt and realizing I had missed applying a discount code, I contacted Gun Trust Guru about it. I immediately got a phone call from a live person that not only applied the discount, but reviewed my trust with me and improved it. I recommend this service to anyone especially military members, if looking for an economical and professional way to establish your trust!”  (09/20/2017)


Villarica, Georgia

“Thank you, Gun Trust Guru, for all of the help. I had a different gun trust, but it didn’t do what I needed it to. This is a great gun trust, and the Gun Trust Guru is very helpful and friendly. I will recommend this gun trust to everyone I talk to that is looking for the right trust. Thank you guys for helping me out.  It was very quick and easy to convert my old gun trust to your gun trust.” (09/11/2017)

R.S. (Airline Pilot)

Phoenix, Arizona

“Thank you. You provide amazing service and go the extra mile to help those of us that are less than perfect and recognize it belatedly.”  (09/05/2017)


Sarasota, Florida

“I did my homework looking for the right NFA trust provider, and Gun Trust Guru did not disappoint. What I like about them is that there are real (and qualified) people behind this, and if any mistakes are made by the user completing the trust documents, they are available to provide revised versions quickly. They also respond to questions immediately, so even when the trust is complete, there are always questions that remain, and Gun Trust Guru answered them all. I would highly recommend Gun Trust Guru for the quality of service alone.”  (08/30/2017)

S.H. (Corporate Jet Pilot)

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

“I did a couple of days searching on the Internet for a reputable site to establish a gun trust with. I did not want to spend upwards of $600 if there was a way just as good or better, for less money. After reading several favorable reviews and reviewing the Gun Trust Guru webpage, I pulled the trigger and am highly impressed with the service and the quality of the instructional material on the webpage, and the quality of the gun trust paperwork I received. Within 10 minutes I had a gun trust established and sent to me in my email, in an easy to print and save PDF format. In the email that was sent to me as a receipt for the purchase, I noticed I had not actually entered the the valuable save $30 code and sent an email to them about it. The following day I received a call from Jim who instantly and without hesitation, on the phone, adjusted the price. He also spent a considerable amount of time with me on the phone answering some questions and making some extremely helpful suggestions, which I took full advantage of. I cannot recommend Gun Trust Guru enough. Their webpage will answer every question you have and make you feel completely comfortable and at ease about the entire process.”  (08/27/2017)


Virginia Beach, Virginia

“I’ve been trying to figure out how to create a Trust for all of my NFA hardware for three years. I was never able to find any document I felt comfortable with until I came across while searching on-line. The document is very thorough and well thought out. Once i had my Trust in hand, I had a few questions about how to accomplish several issues related to the transfer of already owned NFA weapons and assigning Trustees. I emailed Jim for help and he called me 5 minutes later to work thorough the details. I was very grateful for that level of service, I was happy to receive a response via email, but Jim took it up a notch and gave me a call instead, I would recommended this Trust to anyone looking to start one, money very well spent!”  (08/27/2017)

J.E. (Firearms Parts Manufacturer)

Cedar City, Utah

“I was somewhat new to the “Gun Trust” thing. After much searching and investigating online, I contacted my brother in Colorado. He highly recommended I went to their website and and read their step-by-step instructions. It made everything regarding gun trusts crystal clear. Finally, some answers! Within minutes I had set up and purchased my very own Gun Trust. The next day I received a phone call from the owner of, and received further details and answers to various hypothetical situations. He was friendly and highly professional. I purchase a very high quantity of firearm products online, and this was one of the most easiest transactions I’ve made! I recommend to all gun owners looking to set up a gun trust!”  (08/23/2017)


Austin, Texas

Gun Trust Guru is absolutely amazing. The entire process took less than 5 minutes, and I received my completed Gun Trust documents within seconds after submitting my information. Also, they were kind enough to assist in changing the settlor’s name and took care of everything very quickly without charge. I’m very satisfied with the document itself, it is very well written and attached instructions were very easy to follow. Great customer support, great product, great process, and a happy customer! Thank you!”  (08/03/2017)


Deatsville, Alabama

“The gun trust was delivered very fast, in a few seconds, and was very clearly explained.”  (07/12/2017)


Stillman Valley, Illinois

“I can say I am very satisfied with the experience. I had questions on a few things and got quick answers & a resolution to one issue I was going to encounter in the future with co-trustees not being local. Thank you!”  (07/11/2017)


Round Rock, Texas

“This was my first trust that I have ever created. I had done tons of research and read for hours and hours before I created the gun trust on the website. I messed up on a couple of lines not realizing it. Within 30 minutes of submitting the gun trust, I got a call from Gun Trust Guru. He went through the gun trust with me, corrected the mistakes, and emailed me a new copy before I even got off the phone with him. He was extremely helpful with my questions and explained everything very thoroughly. I don’t know about anyone else, but service like that is unprecedented. I give these guys a 6 star rating because 5 stars just wouldn’t do them justice for how awesome they are. I would recommend Gun Trust Guru to everyone I know.  (07/11/2017)


Phoenix, Arizona

“Like many people looking to acquire NFA items, I knew I wanted a gun trust but was a little unsure about the tedious ‘legalese’ I though would be involved in the process. I researched a lot of the DIY options and never got the warm and fuzzy you want when dealing with firearms laws. Even after seeing many Class 3 dealers offering their own packaged NFA trusts, I knew I wanted something that was crafted by lawyer familiar with avoiding the pitfalls other trusts are infamous for. Right away I knew I found what I was looking with the Gun Trust Guru. The document you receive is top shelf, no losing sleep wondering if it’s legit enough and it’s so easy to follow the step by step instructions and get your trust up and running in no time at all. Adding NFA items, adding co-trustees, removing co-trustees…everything is provided for and this is probably the only trust I came across that doesn’t use schedules for NFA items, meaning no need to advertise to the ATF your entire collection every time you add something new. I can’t recommend the Gun Trust Guru enough to protect yourself, your family, and your property.” (07/05/2017)


Oldham, Kentucky

“I’m a Kentucky resident, and I work in the financial industry in mid-level management. I am also a Captain of our local volunteer fire department, in which train and handle search and rescue K9’s. I recently settled a divorce, and I didn’t know how to fix my NFA gun trust to remove trustees and beneficiaries. I have an SBR and a suppressor, and I needed to remove my ex-wife and her parents from my gun trust. I spent several hours combing forum, such as and others finding little information that gave me confidence on how to proceed. I finally came across, which specializes in Texas NFA gun trusts. I was impressed with the volume and quantity of information, and how Jim Willi explains all the steps and the benefits of his gun trust format. I never knew I could have the privacy of what was in the trust or the ease of adding/removing trustees. Luckily Jim Willi also operates, which will prepare NFA Gun Trusts and Restated and Amended NFA Gun Trusts for states outside of Texas. I drug my feet in going through what I thought would be a tedious process, but when offered a Father’s Day special and my divorce was settled, I started the process. I was very impressed with how quick and easy the Amendment and Restatement of my gun trust was. I received the completed gun trust documents within minutes of submitting my information! I did make a mistake on my gun trust naming my beneficiaries as my successor trustees, which are my minor children. I sent an email to Jim Willi and received a phone call 10 minutes later! He walked me through how to fix my gun trust and was just an awesome guy to talk to. I could tell the passion, care, and pride that he takes in helping citizens like us manage our NFA gun trusts.”  (06/25/2017)


Hardy, Virginia

“If you are looking for a gun trust, I recommend that you check out Gun Trust Guru on the Internet”  (06/24/2017)


Silver Lake, Kansas

“I really enjoyed how simple it was to fill out and how everything was thoroughly explained at each step. The fact that there is no schedule listing transfers into the gun trust and that additional trustees can be added later, making me the only one needing to be there when notarized was also a big plus in my book.”  (06/24/0217)


Amarillo, Texas

“If you are looking for a gun trust, this is the only way to go — Gun Trust Guru!”  (06/23/2017)


Mesa, Arizona

“My Amended and Restated NFA Trust is well written and thorough. The short interview question process to gather info about my previous trust documents produces an excellent new trust document that also contains several pages of well written instructions on each Trust section’s purpose and use. I had an error during my trust creation and email support was quick to reply, respond, and resolve. Overall an excellent experience and I’ll refer my friends here!”  (06/19/2017)


Holmen, Wisconsin

“After hours of online searching, Gun Trust Guru was by far the best. It is spelled out in a way that gives the gun trust owner the most options for using the gun trust today and in the future. I had a few question and Gun Trust Guru call me several times, but I was too busy with work to answer. Then he called me on a Saturday and explained some of the legal terms used in the trust in a way an engineer could understand. lol. After that he customized the gun trust, because I wanted my cousins to have equal shares if I die. All this on a Saturday. Long story short–I’ve already recommended this to all my friends.”  (06/16/2017)


Weatherford, Texas

“Thank you for your help. After listening to your voicemail, I went back to your web site and it all made sense. I had only a couple of question so I called the number that you left, you were on another line but a very knowledgeable and helpful lady helped me and I promptly created the trust on your site. About an hour later after review and getting forms notarized, I am the proud owner of a gun trust! Couldn’t have been easier thank you again.”  (04/03/2017)


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Thank you calling me to take the time to explain the NFA gun trust process to me. Thank you also for the good suggestions about fingerprint cards and things to be mindful of.”  (01/30/2017)

B.A. (Financial Advisor)

Marble Falls, Texas

“Thank you for the quick response. I will be referring friends to you guys.”  (10/12/2016)


Tucson, Arizona

” I can’t thank you enough, this process was so easy and simple. The trust is very professional, state and firearm-specific. I had a small issue. Gun Trust Guru contacted me and pointed me in the right direction. Thanks again for all your help and great customer service.”  (10/6/2016)

J.W. (Physician)

Logan, Utah

“I found to be the most comprehensive and informative website regarding setting up a gun trust. After I made the decision to go with them, the process was very organized, easy to follow, and the trust arrived via email just minutes later. Once the document was reviewed, I had several questions and sent an email. Jim called and helped me fine-tune my Successor Trustees and Beneficiaries. Jim has a wealth of experience with guns and with being a lawyer. He understands our concerns and knows how to address them. Just got back from the notary –  my gun trust is now legal”. Thanks for a GREAT product. Thanks for the personal help.”  (10/5/2016)



Kirkland, Washington

“I had a question regarding who can be named as a beneficiary. This was after the trust was already created. Jim called me within 2 hours of receiving my email and sorted it all out for me. Great service!”  (10/4/2016)

C.B. (Police Officer)

Vernal, Utah

Gun Trust Guru is a simple, step-by-step, easy-to-use firearms trust generator. I had made a mistake in my initial submission in regards to my county of residence. I was immediately contacted by phone before I had even realized I had made a mistake and helped me correct the problem. I would recommend Gun Trust Guru to anyone who wants a solid product with great service.”  (09/21/2016)


Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

“Thanks for your professionalism. The details and step-by-step information that you have provided make the SBR process simple.”  (09/08/2016)

S.S. (Charter Boat Captain)

St. Augustine, Florida

“I have always been intrigued by the Class 3 products, but have been a confused by all the paperwork involved. My neighbor had suggested that I contact Gun Trust Guru. I made a phone call and about 20 minutes later my trust was formed. They were extremely patient and took the time to explain the new laws that have taken effect. My trust is very thorough and I highly recommend using GunTrust Guru.”  (08/26/2016)


Delaware, Ohio

“Thank you so much for a very prompt and very clear reply! What a great customer service!”  (08/17/2016)


Delaware, Ohio

“Thank you very much for making such an easy-to-follow trust, and very easy and fast process to do it.”  (08/15/2016)


Highlands Ranch, Colorado

“The Gun Trust Guru offers a truly superior gun trust service! A simple yet comprehensive web-based generator will guide you through the documentation process in minutes. Just print, notarize, and you’re on your way. I couldn’t believe how straightforward it was to get a firearm-specific trust drafted. PLUS, there’s an actual expert behind the web who can help you clearly navigate the often confusing legal maze surrounding firearm ownership should you have any additional questions. I wouldn’t hesitate to engage the Guru for your Colorado gun trust.”  (07/29/2016)

M.S. (Sampson County Sheriff’s Department)

Clinton, North Carolina

“In my in-depth research, I found that very few people are familiar with ATF forms and the process of properly establishing a true gun trust. I can assure you that not only was easy to use, it was the most informational and up-to-date gun trust website out there. Now, I have an affordable rock solid gun trust that I can count on. The customer support is also very attentive to customer’s needs. I will be referring other friends and family to this service!”  (07/27/2016)


Gresham, Oregon

“Thank you so much for a truly outstanding product! Also, thank you in advance for your support and effort on my behalf and that of all other law abiding gun owners! Finally, thank you for your flexibility, understanding, and the time that you took to walk me (even while your other lines were ringing off the hook!). Again, I have to say that your attention to detail and concern for the customer and their satisfaction are truly outstanding. Please feel free to use my comments with my name on your website if you so choose.” (07/11/2016)


Leawood, Kansas

“I’m super happy with your Gun Trust.”  (07/06/2016)


Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

“That worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your help and putting out a great tool. I’ll be sure to pass your info along to my friends.”  (07/02/2016)


Cocoa Beach, Florida

“Like you, I’m an avid gun lover and collector who happens to live in Florida. I first went to Jim Willi’s attorney website and was really impressed with all of the Q & A Facts that he had listed about gun trusts. Then I went to the Gun Trust Guru site and downloaded a gun trust. Being in a rush and all to form my gun trust, I made a mistake a few days ago. I purchased the SilencerCo online trust document. They may be a good silencer company, but that trust was lacking and seemed to be quite incomplete. Wow, when your trust document was compared to theirs, I was extremely pleased with my purchase. You created a great document that is also very convenient. Thanks again for all of your knowledge and experience and for providing a great product for all of us.”  (06/26/2016)


Rochester Hills, Michigan

“Love your services. Couldn’t be happier. Wish I knew about you guys before I bought the horrible SilencerCo gun trust, but luckily I never signed it and got rid of it. Much happier with your gun trust. Thanks again.”  (06/23/2016)


Roseburg, Oregon

“Excellent! Thank you. Also, you’ve developed a well-crafted set of documents. I was very impressed with how smooth and easy it was to put together, and it was really easy to understand. I have extensive experience writing search warrant affidavits, warrants and returns. Legal documentation is definitely a specialty unto itself.”  (05/01/2016)


Fort Gratiot, Michigan

“Exceptional customer service! It is rare to find a company that has competent and timely individuals anymore. Turnaround on the gun trust was less than a minute and very detailed. I will certainly be recommending Gun Trust Guru to anyone wanting an NFA Trust!!”  (03/11/2016)



Lee's Summit, Missouri

“I’d also like to express my thanks for your extensive FAQs and blog posts. Collectively, it’s the most thorough explanation of gun trusts that I’ve been able to find online. Your anticipation of questions and the order in which you present them shows how customer-focused you are. I, for one, appreciate this as much as I do your product offering. Thanks again.”  (01/21/2016)

G.S. (Physician)

Nashville, Tennessee

“I just created my gun trust with Gun Trust Guru. It could not have been easier. The instructions were clear and informative. I had some questions, and they got right back with me to explain, and modify my decisions. While this is a DIY trust, and not infinitely customizable, it is a FAR more versatile and elegant gun trust solution than the majority of the DIY folks give you. For example, they have created an easy method that allows you to add or delete co-trustees without the need to get an attorney to modify the actual trust documents…both a hassle and an expense. Genius. This trust is far more akin to a more costly custom trust than an off the shelf, one size fits all trust….yet at the same (or better) price as those other guys. I’m so impressed, I plan to steer my brother-in-law to Gun Trust Guru as well. Thank you, sir!”  (01/11/2016)


Renton, Washington

“I just wanted to say thanks for answering the phone the other day and speaking with me about the “to send or not to send a schedule A” question. I was raised by a mother who was a tax accountant and have held a job as a commercial construction superintendent for 30 years, so I understand what happens when people don’t read carefully and pay attention to the details. I also makes me appreciate people who do. Thanks again. PS: Glad to hear you turned a “hobby” into a living. That just made me smile! Keep up the good work.”  (12/30/2015)


Oberlin, Kansas

“I just used your online Gun Trust forms to set up my gun trust. The detailed instructions were a cinch to follow, and the forms are clear and concise and simple to understand. It is clear I made a wise choice to use your forms. No one should hesitate to use your forms if they are serious about setting up their own gun trust. Unfortunately our attorneys in our area know nothing about setting up such a trust and your company and online forms came to the rescue.”  (12/29/2015)


Chino Hills, California

“Thanks for a great product.”  (07/10/2015)


Santa Barbara, California

“Wow! Thanks! Off to complete…done!”  (06/11/2015)

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