Customer Testimonials and Reviews

We work hard to provide our gun trust customers with a great "do-it-yourself" state-specific gun trust. But don't just take our word for it. See what other Gun Trust Guru customers are saying!

“Thank you so much! This was extremely efficient, quick and easy. Thank you for responding so quickly.”

Rogers G.
Greeley, Colorado (08/01/2023)

“Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Correcting a mistake that I most likely made. Outstanding customer service! A much lacking experience these days!”

Thomas M.
Lake Orion, Michigan (07/15/2023)

“I wanted to send you a note of thanks and share an update. A few weeks ago, I flew out to Reno to complete this project for Greg and Lora. We used your trust from after getting the Nevada thumbs-up from Greg and Lora’s estate lawyer. I completed all the paperwork – Forms 4s, Responsible Person Questionnaires, duplicates for law enforcement, passport photos, fingerprint cards, and flags to mark the 344 required signatures – to transfer NFA items from individual ownership to their trust. It was quite the undertaking, but I enjoy the detail-oriented work. Additionally, your trust made it incredibly easy to add the collection of non-NFA items to the trust. Thank you. If available, I would love to buy you lunch someday to pick your brain about working in this area. Thanks, again.”

Gabe M.
Georgetown, Texas (10/18/2022)

“Thanks for the help. Keep up the good work!”

Wade S.
Archibold, Ohio (06/03/2021)

“I really appreciate your gun trust documentation and easy to follow instructions.”

Woodrow S.
Layton, Utah (04/26/2021)

“I couldn’t find a place to leave a review, but I wanted to make sure you knew that you made this process incredibly easy for me. These types of legal documents can be difficult to understand and very overwhelming. Not the case with Gun Trust Guru, the FAQ’s and overall explanation of each aspect of the trust was incredibly easy to understand and written in common sense language. You are by far the gold standard for gun trust creation. Thank you for helping the rest of us navigate this ever changing landscape. Grateful in South Carolina!”

Anthony B.
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (03/25/2021)

‘Thank you for excellent and thoughtful service. I consider that I received true value for my money.”

William W.
Arlington, Tennessee (03/09/2021)

“Thanks so much! You guys rock!”

Zach K.
Centennial, Colorado (03/03/2021)

“You people and your service are superb. And, your quick replies to my dumb questions are equally amazing. What a bargain!”

Calvin J.
Boise, Idaho (02/21/2021)

“Great service and product. Will be recommending!!”

Dan L.
Baytown, Texas (01/06/2021)

“Thank you for your excellent service. I recommend Gun Trust Guru to my family and friends.”

Jason F.
Boca Raton, Florida (07/02/2020)

“Thank you for offering this great service as it has made this process very straightforward.”

Andrew M.
Jacksonville, Florida (06/22/2020)

“I love my new gun trust. Thanks for all you do.”

Ernest K.
Grayson, Kentucky (04/23/2020)

“Awesome! Thank you so much! When researching for a gun trust, a lot of people said that your customer service and communication was amazing. You follow up today was outstanding. Thank you for your attention to detail. I know I made the right decision in choosing you. Thank you again.”

Midlothian, Texas (02/28/2020)

“Very good information that you are providing. It surely seems like you are at the tip of the spear in addressing the best gun trust option in the most effective, painless, and least intrusive way. It’s been a year since I set up my trust and talking with you and rereading your info was a good refresher.”

Michael R.
Atlanta, Georgia (01/29/2020)

“Unheard of customer service, and a great product. Using it couldn’t have been easier, thank you!!”

Rod P.
Montgomery, Texas (01/27/2020)

“Excited I got your trust, liking the way it’s laid out!”

J.B. (Magpul Employee)
Broomfield, Colorado (01/16/2020)

“Love the service, greatly appreciate it.”

Austin, Texas (01/08/2020)

“Thank you! Will definitely tell my friends about your service!”

Highland, Maryland (01/07/2020)

"Thanks! This was awesome!"

Phoenix, Arizona (01/07/2020)

“I have purchased and used your “kit” to form my gun trust here in Florida. THANK YOU for a great product! I investigated several of the “other” suppliers of trusts and yours is definitely the best I could find. Keep up the good work!”

J.W. (Air Traffic Controller)
Margate, Florida (10/02/2019)

“Thanks for the quick and personal response to my question. I didn’t expect such great service. I appreciate your effort to go above and beyond my expectations.”

Phoenix, Arizona (09/14/2019)

“Best Gun Trust Attorney in the country. He’s dedicated and provides top notch service.”

Dawson Springs, Kentucky (09/02/2019)

“Thank you very much! I sincerely appreciate you and your work. Hope to send you business as gratitude.”

Betsy Layne, Kentucky (08/26/2019)

“Thanks for the convenient trust and good service.”

Sahuarita, Arizona (08/26/2019)

“Thank you! That makes sense. And thank you for such a great product on your website. The PDF is very clearly laid out for what at first glance is a complex process. At least for non lawyers/NFA beginners.”

Shevano Park, Texas (08/12/2019)

“I was really pleased with your online service. I’ll be recommending it to my coworkers and customers.”

Riverview, Florida (08/02/2019)

“Thank you very much (and I’ll be sure to refer you guys to whomever I can)!”

Lakeland, Florida (06/29/2019)

“I would just like to say that I have had my Gun Trust with Gun Trust Guru for three years now and am totally happy with how it turned out. After three years, I had some update questions and had an immediate same day response from Jim with answers I was looking for. You just don’t see that kind of customer service anywhere. I would recommend Gun Trust Guru and Jim to anyone.”

Martin M.
Reno, Nevada (06/06/2019)

“Thank you very much for this. I will definitely recommend your site to my family and friends.”

Jason B.
Follansbee, West Virgina (05/29/2019)

“Thanks, the trust package looks great!”

Haysville, Kansas (05/25/2019)

“I have been reviewing the trust documents, including comparison with my other trusts (firearms and non-firearm). Thank you, this really comes across as well thought out and I am pleased with my purchase.”

Seattle, Washington (05/17/2019)

“I had been searching for a reliable NFA Gun Trust to begin purchase of NFA items after I learned there are many benefits over filing as an individual. I found Gun Trust Guru and saw that he provided an NFA gun trust that allowed ease of use, flexibility to add and remove trustees, and protect privacy. I purchased the trust and received the password protected PDF document in minutes. It contained all of the necessary sheets along with clear and easy to follow instructions. I had a question regarding a state specific law and emailed the Guru. He responded the same day and provided me with his phone number. I called and he answered first try, then proceeded to give me personalized answers to my questions. I highly recommend this person to anyone looking for an NFA gun trust. He’s a real person who makes himself accessible to you. He is not some cookie-cutter, fly-by-night operation that takes your money and gives you a sloppy trust, but then won’t provide customer service when you need it. I’m confident that he knows what he’s talking about and that this trust will make NFA ownership a joy, instead of a hassle. Thank you Gun Trust Guru!”

Denver, Colorado (05/10/2019)

“Thank you again for taking the time to answer my concerns!”

Warrens, Wisconsin (04/11/2019)

“Just wanted to follow up and let you know I received the approved stamp today through my dealer. I remember when I first did the trust, you called me back and spent a while on the phone with me explaining the trust process. This really stood out to me in today’s world and I’m once again impressed with you. I’ve recommended you to a handful of friends and will continue to do so.”

Cary, North Carolina (03/26/2019)

“Thanks once again. Your gun trusts make this too easy for me and my customers.”

A.B. (Class 3 Manufacturer & Dealer
Osage City, Kansas (03/18/2019)

“There is a fair amount of misinformation out there regarding gun trusts and the paperwork required to file with the BATFE. The method is flawless and everything has been considered. I hired a basic attorney to set up a family trust and he said he could also create a gun trust for me. I was not at all satisfied with the gun trust that he created. He clearly had very little experience with them. After following the guidelines on the Gun Trust Guru website for the ATF forms 4 and 23, my $200 NFA transfer check cleared in less than two weeks of me mailing it in. I’m guessing that would not have occurred if they didn’t like what I sent them. Many thanks, Gun Trust Guru!”

M.R. (Retired Army Aviation/Airline Pilot)
Atlanta, Georgia (03/13/2019)

“Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity today with amending and restating our trust, we truly appreciate it.”

Lago Vista, Texas (03/12/2019)

“Thank you so much for all your help in getting this gun trust. I’ll be sending my boys your way to get theirs set up at some time also.”

Greeley, Colorado (03/12/2019)

“Awesome trust document and well worth the money.”

Wilmington, Delaware (02/18/2019)

“Your documents are fantastic, and I will definitely recommend you to friends. Thank you so much!”

Tigard, Oregon (01/27/2019)

“After talking to you this afternoon, I went through with the [amendment & restatement] process. Your trust is so much nicer than the other one I had. I didn’t even have a form to remove trustees, only a trustee resignation form. I’m glad once I have it notarized tomorrow it will officially end the shit show that was my former [Silencer Shop] trust. I’m purchasing two Dead Air cans tomorrow. Thanks!”

J.T. (U.S. Customs & Border Protection Officer)
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (11/05/2018)

Gun Trust Guru is absolutely awesome. The amount of information provided on the website is enough to educate anyone on the gun trust process, set up and all other additional information needed. It is my understanding that most attorneys use forms to create gun trusts, but unless they are experts in the area, they lack the specific knowledge to create a good gun trust and charge high prices. Gun Trust Guru allows those located in states outside Texas to benefit from real gun trust experts. The process to create the trust is very easy. Additional support by the experts themselves was available, a wealth of information was conveyed, and I was not rushed off the phone. Gun Trust Guru is a great company run by good people, I highly recommend them.”

Harrison Township, Michigan (11/03/2018)

“Super simple to setup with all the necessary steps needed and stellar customer service!”

Louisville, Kentucky (08/21/2018)

“I purchased an NFA Gun Trust via in December 2017. I contacted them via email to ask a few clarifying questions. They responded very quickly via both telephone and email to answer my questions. I used the trust in January 2018 to purchase two suppressors from my local gun shop in Pennsylvania. There were no issues when presenting the NFA gun trust to my local gun shop when we completed the necessary ATF forms. I received both ATF stamps in July 2018. The NFA gun trust appeared to meet all expectations as set by the ATF. Thank you for providing this economical and efficient service for gun owners interested in purchasing NFA items but not interested in paying a high priced attorney. I shoot Steel League, IDPA, and USPSA and belong to two local gun clubs. I would be more than happy to recommend your service.”

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (07/27/2018)

“I appreciate your service to the firearm community and will certainly recommend Gun Trust Guru."

Chandler, Arizona (06/19/2018)

“You all are awesome! Incredible customer service!!”

C.B. (Chief Union Steward)
Hereford, Arizona (05/10/2018)

“I had found some great reviews with accompanying recommendations online about Once I decided to order it, I did indeed promptly receive an excellent and secure gun trust. I also received fantastic customer service to my follow up needs. I will definitely direct my friends and family here for their gun trust needs.”

Lumberton, Texas (05/09/2018)

“Big thanks to Gun Trust Guru for taking great care of our customers. is the place to go for NFA trusts tailored to your state’s requirements.”

Bowers Group LLC
Cornelius, Oregon (05/02/2018)

“Thanks very much for all your help! I not only learned a lot, but also got great support. While I don’t frequently run into folks who are buying silencers like myself, you can be sure Gun Trust Guru will come up first when I do.”

Professor, University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky (04/27/2018)

“Your response times are awesome!! Thank you very much! Have a blessed day! :)”

The Colony, Texas (04/24/2018)

“I just purchased your gun trust documents, and was pleased at how professional and thorough it was done.”

K.L. (Certified Public Accountant)
Saginaw, Michigan (04/23/2018)

“What an awesome setup you have for putting these gun trusts together at such ease and at a great price.”

C.D. (Sr. VP, Large Construction Co.)
Austin, Texas (04/23/2018)

“You are the best! I am sending my Uncle Harry Fritz to get a Gun Trust from you!”

Spring Hill, Tennessee (04/06/2018)

“Thank you so much! The reviews are true!”

Stow, Ohio (03/30/2018)

Gun Trust Guru has amazing customer service. I bought my documents about a month ago and was getting everything printed to go to my notary this weekend. I realized I may have messed up and wasn’t sure if I should have listed myself as the settlor and my father as the beneficiary instead of how I initially entered our information. A quick phone call was all it took and everything was sorted out right there on the phone. Now I can print everything and go to the notary with the corrected settlor and beneficiary on the trust. Thank you Gun Trust Guru!”

Alexandria, Virginia (03/20/2018)

“It worked! The whole process was super easy. Thank you!”

Denver, Colorado (03/14/2018)

“Thanks for the quick response! I totally understand this stuff now. I’ve been recommending you to my friends.”

Marrero, Louisiana (03/12/2018)

“Thank you so much for your excellent service and the service your site provides to the firearm community. I found the information on Gun Trust Guru’s website to be succinct, informative, and accurate. I had previously used a generic trust software application, but subsequently realized the shortcomings of this approach. I was pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it was to complete the “Amend and Restate” option on your website and have the reassurance that my trust was now consistent with its intended purpose as a gun trust. Less than 5 minutes after completing it, I received a call from Jim who pointed out a typo I made (an extra space) and had a corrected form to me by the end of the call. I couldn’t ask for better service.”

A.K. (Pediatrician)
Appleton, Wisconsin (03/10/2018)

“Thanks for your diligence. I will certainly recommend you for the great product and customer service!!”

Lakewood, Colorado (03/05/2018)

“Thank you for your call and for teaching me the information I needed to understand what really makes your approach better than the alternatives. After that, I will definitely recommend you to my friends. I really appreciate your help – and the ingenuity of your system.”

Portland, Oregon (03/04/2018)

“Thank you so much for your help in setting up my gun trust!! Very prompt responses to all my questions and appreciate the tips on making my trust even stronger!! As soon as I sent an email with a question my telephone rings with the answer…you don’t see that these days and for that kind of customer service I’d highly recommend you to any and all looking to set up a Trust…again thank you!”

Grove City, Ohio (03/01/2018)

“You guys are great. Thank You!! Wow!”

Hobbs, New Mexico (03/01/2018)

“Thank you for all of your time and effort today, along with the recommendations for the silencers. Your hard work is much appreciated.”

A.C. (Police Officer)
San Marcos, Texas (02/27/2018)

“Thank you, sir. Very glad I chose your service.”

Bogalusa, Louisiana (02/21/2018)

“I’ve always been looking at NFA items and gun trusts but thought it wasn’t worth my time since I live in New York. I emailed a quick question back on my receipt and Jim actually personally called me to discuss my question and trust. I was just thinking I could use this trust once I move out of New York, but Jim explained to me that I can appoint my Dad as a trustee (who lives out west) and can purchase NFA items on behalf of the trust so I can keep them out of state. So it turns out I can start a NFA collection remotely while I still live in New York! I’m excited to get this started and very appreciative of Jim’s support!”

J.S. (2nd Lt., U.S. Army)
Albany, New York (02/19/2018)

“I finally received my SBR tax stamp after 7 months. Thanks much for your product and support. IT’S AWESOME.”

T.K. (U.S. Army)
San Antonio, Texas (02/10/2018)

“Thank you so much for helping me out with getting my old clunky trust restated with this much more flexible version. I’m really glad that your gun trust was available and at a reasonable price as well. Definitely worth it for the peace of mind. The NFA community is lucky to have you in our corner!”

Akron, Ohio (02/08/2018)

“I was considering multiple sites for purchasing a gun trust but decided on Well I messed up adding the discount code to my purchase and emailed the site owner of my error. The site owner called me back the same day while on his vacation. He helped me with the issue and also answered all of my questions. Highly recommended.”

Wesley Chapel, Florida (01/22/2018)

“I can’t speak highly enough of Jim and his personal attention to detail regarding my trust. I was in the process of amending and restating a trust which was made elsewhere a few years ago, and had made a few errors during the amendment process. Jim called me up a few minutes later, and at 9:00 on a Sunday night walked me through a simpler and more logical way to amend my current trust. Needless to say, I’m very happy with the finished product, and will certainly recommend his website to any of my friends looking to get into NFA items. Thanks again Jim!”

Chesapeake, Virginia (01/21/2018)

“I would like to think you for all your help. You were incredibly knowledgeable and your website was very easy to use. I have to say I was very surprise to get a personal phone call just minutes after I replied to an email. For those of us who acquired Title II weapons through a trust before trust protocol was really established, it is very comforting to know we can restate our trust and insure it meets all legal requirements. Thanks again.”

Yellow Springs, Ohio (01/20/2018)

“Let me preface this by saying I screwed up my order and forgot to apply my discount code at checkout. Jim at Gun Trust Guru called me 30 minutes later and took care of that for me no problem. We then did a step-by-step of my gun trust, and Jim gave me some tips as to how to fill it out, no charge, and I’m glad we did. Now I feel my investments will be better protected in the future.”  Will recommend to my friends.”

Ault, Colorado (01/15/2018)

“I believe you have the best gun trust available and recommend this gun trust to everyone getting into NFA.”

Colorado Springs, Colorado (01/06/2018)

“I’m the type of person who does a lot of research via the Internet, forums, and YouTube. Of the many to choose from, I have found Gun Trust Guru to be the best. The process is easy and my email inquiries/responses were amazing. My thanks to Jim and the Gun Trust Guru team for making this a smooth process.”

Las Vegas, Nevada (01/04/2018)

“When preparing to purchase a new suppressor from Thunder Beast Arms, I asked one of the owners and a longtime friend, where to go for a ‘Gun Trust.’ He made one recommendation: The gun trusts at Gun Trust Guru are easy to set up in minutes online and very reasonably priced. My buddy has a Silencerco Trust, and mine offers many more features and MUCH more flexibility. Questions are answered quickly, either by email or phone. I highly recommend Gun Trust Guru if you are looking for a post 41-F NFA Trust.”

L.S. (President, Motorcyle Accessories Co.)
Laramie, Wyoming (12/13/2017)

“Great product, just what I was looking for, and Jim stepped in to be a big help. Nice to see quick response in today’s world.”

Madison, Indiana (12/11/2017)

“Hey Jim! Got my gun trust all set up. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me on the phone last week and answer my questions.”

B.B. (Electrical Contractor)
Cary, North Carolina (12/11/2017)

“Hey Jim! Got my gun trust all set up. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me on the phone last week and answer my questions.”

Alpena, Arkansas (12/10/2017)

“Thank you for providing such a great service. I did make some mistakes filling out the forms, but you called me and helped correct them all, and now I have a Gun Trust. I will recommend your service to all my friends. Thanks!”

Kent, Washington (12/08/2017)

“A couple of years ago you did a gun trust for me. It was cheap and simple. You even called to correct a mistake I made in filling out the paperwork. I have since used it to buy 5 suppressors without any problems from the BATFE. Every time I pull the trigger on my .308 I’m glad you made it so simple to silence it. I just wanted to say thanks and Merry Christmas!”

Renton, Washington (12/07/2017)

“I was a little leery about doing a gun trust from an online source, but after reading the reviews, I decided to take a chance. I was pleasantly surprised about how easy it was to answer the questions with them checking it as we went along to make sure everything was correct. I did mess up on the save30, so don’t forget to hit APPLY! What was even better was after I messed that up, I got a phone call from Jim Willi himself to correct the problem. That’s customer service! What a nice guy! We talked for a while about the paperwork and why and how to do things. I don’t know about everyone else, but my experience with the gun trust was perfect.”

Helena, Montana (12/02/2017)

“The Gun Trust Guru provides an excellent, and incredibly fast service for establishing a gun trust. Once you submit payment, you’ll have your documents immediately with concise, easy to follow instructions for Form 1 and Form 4 ATF docs. Their customer service is very responsive and friendly. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a gun trust.”

Colorado Springs, Colorado (10/18/2017)

“Purchased my gun trust quickly and simply today with Gun Trust Guru. This IS the product and service you want. There are many gun trusts on the Internet, but they are not created equally. Received a follow up call to my question which went above and beyond what I paid for. Two thumbs up.”

Ashburn, Virginia (10/12/2017)

“Thank you Jim. Gun Trust Guru was by far the best option I found. I just wished I had found it sooner. I had purchased another popular and often recommended gun trust only to discover half-way through the forms that it just didn’t offer the flexibility I needed to properly set up the gun trust. I cancelled it, did more research, and then discovered Gun Trust Guru. Your personal calls in response to my questions were professional, unexpected, and exactly what I needed. Your website was more informative as well, and once I understood the product, it took me all of 3 minutes to complete and set up the gun trust the way I wanted it – the whole process was simple as dirt but way more effective. A few seconds later, the gun trust was sitting in my inbox. I think it highly unlikely that you’ll find a better or more credible online gun trust product, nor one as easy to set up & maintain, nor one with better service.  Thanks again, and I highly recommend it.”

Lafayette, Alabama (10/06/2017)

“A+ on all fronts from Gun Trust Guru. Once you understand the details of the variations in gun trusts, you can appreciate how this particular one is compiled. It is very simple to setup, but Jim is available for any assistance needed. He helped me clarify several important questions I had that made big differences in the setup. I can rest assured knowing that it is done properly. Great service, and great expertise!”

Herriman, Utah (10/06/2017)

“This is the only place to get your gun trust done! After reviewing my receipt and realizing I had missed applying a discount code, I contacted Gun Trust Guru about it. I immediately got a phone call from a live person that not only applied the discount, but reviewed my trust with me and improved it. I recommend this service to anyone especially military members, if looking for an economical and professional way to establish your trust!”

J.K. (U.S. Air Force)
San Antonio, Texas (09/20/2017)

“Thank you, Gun Trust Guru, for all of the help. I had a different gun trust, but it didn’t do what I needed it to. This is a great gun trust, and the Gun Trust Guru is very helpful and friendly. I will recommend this gun trust to everyone I talk to that is looking for the right trust. Thank you guys for helping me out.  It was very quick and easy to convert my old gun trust to your gun trust.”

Villarica, Georgia (09/11/2017)

“Thank you. You provide amazing service and go the extra mile to help those of us that are less than perfect and recognize it belatedly.”

R.S. (Airline Pilot)
Phoenix, Arizona (09/05/2017)

“I did my homework looking for the right NFA trust provider, and Gun Trust Guru did not disappoint. What I like about them is that there are real (and qualified) people behind this, and if any mistakes are made by the user completing the trust documents, they are available to provide revised versions quickly. They also respond to questions immediately, so even when the trust is complete, there are always questions that remain, and Gun Trust Guru answered them all. I would highly recommend Gun Trust Guru for the quality of service alone.”

Sarasota, Florida (08/30/2017)

“I did a couple of days searching on the Internet for a reputable site to establish a gun trust with. I did not want to spend upwards of $600 if there was a way just as good or better, for less money. After reading several favorable reviews and reviewing the Gun Trust Guru webpage, I pulled the trigger and am highly impressed with the service and the quality of the instructional material on the webpage, and the quality of the gun trust paperwork I received. Within 10 minutes I had a gun trust established and sent to me in my email, in an easy to print and save PDF format. In the email that was sent to me as a receipt for the purchase, I noticed I had not actually entered the valuable save $30 code and sent an email to them about it. The following day I received a call from Jim who instantly and without hesitation, on the phone, adjusted the price. He also spent a considerable amount of time with me on the phone answering some questions and making some extremely helpful suggestions, which I took full advantage of. I cannot recommend Gun Trust Guru enough. Their webpage will answer every question you have and make you feel completely comfortable and at ease about the entire process.”

Lake Havasu City, Arizona (08/27/2017)

“I’ve been trying to figure out how to create a Trust for all of my NFA hardware for three years. I was never able to find any document I felt comfortable with until I came across while searching on-line. The document is very thorough and well thought out. Once i had my Trust in hand, I had a few questions about how to accomplish several issues related to the transfer of already owned NFA weapons and assigning Trustees. I emailed Jim for help and he called me 5 minutes later to work thorough the details. I was very grateful for that level of service, I was happy to receive a response via email, but Jim took it up a notch and gave me a call instead, I would recommended this Trust to anyone looking to start one, money very well spent!”

Virginia Beach, Virginia (08/27/2017)

“I was somewhat new to the “Gun Trust” thing. After much searching and investigating online, I contacted my brother in Colorado. He highly recommended I went to their website and and read their step-by-step instructions. It made everything regarding gun trusts crystal clear. Finally, some answers! Within minutes I had set up and purchased my very own Gun Trust. The next day I received a phone call from the owner of, and received further details and answers to various hypothetical situations. He was friendly and highly professional. I purchase a very high quantity of firearm products online, and this was one of the most easiest transactions I’ve made! I recommend to all gun owners looking to set up a gun trust!”

J.E. (Firearms Parts Manufacturer)
Cedar City, Utah (08/23/2017)

Gun Trust Guru is absolutely amazing. The entire process took less than 5 minutes, and I received my completed Gun Trust documents within seconds after submitting my information. Also, they were kind enough to assist in changing the settlor’s name and took care of everything very quickly without charge. I’m very satisfied with the document itself, it is very well written and attached instructions were very easy to follow. Great customer support, great product, great process, and a happy customer! Thank you!”

Austin, Texas (08/03/2017)

“The gun trust was delivered very fast, in a few seconds, and was very clearly explained.”

Deatsville, Alabama (07/12/2017)

“I can say I am very satisfied with the experience. I had questions on a few things and got quick answers and a resolution to one issue I was going to encounter in the future with co-trustees not being local. Thank you!”

Stillman Valley, Illinois (07/11/2017)

“This was my first trust that I have ever created. I had done tons of research and read for hours and hours before I created the gun trust on the website. I messed up on a couple of lines not realizing it. Within 30 minutes of submitting the gun trust, I got a call from Gun Trust Guru. He went through the gun trust with me, corrected the mistakes, and emailed me a new copy before I even got off the phone with him. He was extremely helpful with my questions and explained everything very thoroughly. I don’t know about anyone else, but service like that is unprecedented. I give these guys a 6 star rating because 5 stars just wouldn’t do them justice for how awesome they are. I would recommend Gun Trust Guru to everyone I know.

Round Rock, Texas (07/11/2017)

“Like many people looking to acquire NFA items, I knew I wanted a gun trust but was a little unsure about the tedious ‘legalese’ I though would be involved in the process. I researched a lot of the DIY options and never got the warm and fuzzy you want when dealing with firearms laws. Even after seeing many Class 3 dealers offering their own packaged NFA trusts, I knew I wanted something that was crafted by lawyer familiar with avoiding the pitfalls other trusts are infamous for. Right away I knew I found what I was looking with the Gun Trust Guru. The document you receive is top shelf, no losing sleep wondering if it’s legit enough and it’s so easy to follow the step by step instructions and get your trust up and running in no time at all. Adding NFA items, adding co-trustees, removing co-trustees…everything is provided for and this is probably the only trust I came across that doesn’t use schedules for NFA items, meaning no need to advertise to the ATF your entire collection every time you add something new. I can’t recommend the Gun Trust Guru enough to protect yourself, your family, and your property.”

Phoenix, Arizona (07/05/2017)

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Gun Trust Guru is a simple, step-by-step, easy-to-use firearms trust generator. I had made a mistake in my initial submission in regards to my county of residence. I was immediately contacted by phone before I had even realized I had made a mistake and helped me correct the problem. I would recommend Gun Trust Guru to anyone who wants a solid product with great service.”

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