How Can I Add Additional Co-Trustees to My Gun Trust?

Our gun trust is designed so that the settlor is the only initial trustee of the gun trust. This means that you are the only person who needs to sign the gun trust in front of a notary. After the gun trust is created, you are then ready to visit your Class 3 dealer to buy your first silencer, short-barreled rifle, or both! Also after the gun trust is created, if you want to convert a pistol or long rifle to a short-barreled rifle, you are then ready to file an ATF Form 1 application to manufacture.

After the gun trust is created, you can appoint additional co-trustees to your gun trust (so that they can use and possess your NFA firearms) at any time without amending the gun trust. This is a significant difference between our gun trust and almost every other gun trust out there. Moreover unlike almost every other gun trust, you can appoint additional co-trustees to serve either long-term or short-term (such as while you and a friend are on a hunting trip). In addition to several other documents, you receive a document entitled “Appointment of Additional Co-Trustee and Acceptance of Additional Co-Trustee.” With this document, you are able to appoint additional co-trustees to your gun trust at any time without calling a lawyer. The Appointment of Additional Co-Trustee document and Acceptance of Additional Co-Trustee is signed by the you and the additional co-trustee in front of a notary public. Now, that person is an additional co-trustee of you gun trust. It’s that easy! We are not aware of any other “do-it-yourself” gun trusts that have anything like this.

In stark contrast, almost every other gun trust out there requires you to anticipate every person who will want to borrow your NFA firearms in advance, so that you can list them as co-trustees of the gun trust. Before your gun trust is created, you will need to coordinate with each of the other co-trustees so that all of you can sign the gun trust in front of a notary. Depending on the number of additional co-trustees listed, this can cause a significant delay between the time that you pay for their gun trust and time that you are able to actually use your gun trust to buy NFA firearms. Additionally, if you wants to add another additional co-trustee after the trust is created, you will need to amend your trust, which may mean more legal fees to prepare an amendment.

Our customers love having the ability to add additional long-term or short-term co-trustees to their gun trusts at any time using our Appointment of Additional Co-Trustee document. None of their friends have this capability, unless, of course, we prepared their gun trust. You will love it, too!

Would you like to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you received a high-quality, state-specific NFA gun trust drafted by a very experienced gun trust attorney who is recommended by some of the largest and most successful Class 3 dealers in the United States? Let’s get started!