“I’m a Kentucky resident, and I work in the financial industry in mid-level management. I am also a Captain of our local volunteer fire department, in which train and handle search and rescue K9’s. I recently settled a divorce, and I didn’t know how to fix my NFA gun trust to remove trustees and beneficiaries. I have an SBR and a suppressor, and I needed to remove my ex-wife and her parents from my gun trust. I spent several hours combing forum, such as AR15.com and others finding little information that gave me confidence on how to proceed. I finally came across www.MyGunTrust.com, which specializes in Texas NFA gun trusts. I was impressed with the volume and quantity of information, and how Jim Willi explains all the steps and the benefits of his gun trust format. I never knew I could have the privacy of what was in the trust or the ease of adding/removing trustees. Luckily Jim Willi also operates www.GunTrustGuru.com, which will prepare NFA Gun Trusts and Restated and Amended NFA Gun Trusts for states outside of Texas. I drug my feet in going through what I thought would be a tedious process, but when www.GunTrustGuru.com offered a Father’s Day special and my divorce was settled, I started the process. I was very impressed with how quick and easy the Amendment and Restatement of my gun trust was. I received the completed gun trust documents within minutes of submitting my information! I did make a mistake on my gun trust naming my beneficiaries as my successor trustees, which are my minor children. I sent an email to Jim Willi and received a phone call 10 minutes later! He walked me through how to fix my gun trust and was just an awesome guy to talk to. I could tell the passion, care, and pride that he takes in helping citizens like us manage our NFA gun trusts.”  (06/25/2017)

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