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“I did a couple of days searching on the Internet for a reputable site to establish a gun trust with. I did not want to spend upwards of $600 if there was a way just as good or better, for less money. After reading several favorable reviews and reviewing the Gun Trust Guru webpage, I pulled the trigger and am highly impressed with the service and the quality of the instructional material on the webpage, and the quality of the gun trust paperwork I received. Within 10 minutes I had a gun trust established and sent to me in my email, in an easy to print and save PDF format. In the email that was sent to me as a receipt for the purchase, I noticed I had not actually entered the the valuable save $30 code and sent an email to them about it. The following day I received a call from Jim who instantly and without hesitation, on the phone, adjusted the price. He also spent a considerable amount of time with me on the phone answering some questions and making some extremely helpful suggestions, which I took full advantage of. I cannot recommend Gun Trust Guru enough. Their webpage will answer every question you have and make you feel completely comfortable and at ease about the entire process.”  (08/27/2017)

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